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Shabbat Beshalach

Exodus 13:17-17:16
Candle Lighting time 4:37 PM


Whenever I see road construction anywhere in the five boroughs, I wonder how long the work will take to be finished. I just sigh in frustration because simple projects let alone more complicated ones take years to complete. Believe me, I have experience in this area because I lived through the Central Artery/Tunnel Project (CA/T), known unofficially as the Big Dig. It was a megaproject in Boston that rerouted the Central Artery of Interstate 93, the chief highway through the heart of the city, into the 1.5-mile day Thomas P. O'Neill Jr. Tunnel. The project also included the construction of the Ted Williams Tunnel (extending Interstate 90 to Logan International Airport), the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge over the Charles River, and the Rose Kennedy Greenway in the space vacated by the previous I-93 elevated roadway. Initially, the plan was also to include a rail connection between Boston's two major train terminals. Planning began in 1982; the construction work was carried out between 1991 and 2006; and the project concluded on December 31, 2007 when the partnership between the program manager and the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority ended.


Just like during the Big Dig, we are not so patient with the time it takes to accomplish our tasks. I had a poster in my dorm room that read “I want patience-- Now!” We want our synagogue to grow quickly, our young people to mature right away, and our problems to be fixed today.


Maybe we need to be reminded that some things take time—God’s time. For instance in this week’s Torah portion Beshalach,, when the Israelites first left Egypt, God sent them on the long route to the Promised Land (Ex. 13:17-18). During that time He prepared them, taught them, and challenged them. We became a better people because of our experiences.


In our microwave world, we want everything done instantaneously. But sometimes that’s not God’s plan. Let’s practice patience and learn to appreciate His timing. Just like our ancestors we shall become better people because of our experiences.


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Greene will


We would like to have a minyan Friday night. We need your support and help to make a quorum. Please call the synagogue to let us know that we can count on you.


Service Schedule

Friday night 7:00 p.m.
Shabbat 10 AM a.m.


Save The Date

Shabbat, January 19, Special Shabbat renewal services at 10 AM, with the free Tu Bishvat Seder at 11:45 AM. Please RSVP so that we can plan for the correct number of participants. Don't let the forecast deter you from coming!


Shabbat, January 25, Our next Jewish renewal Shabbat service with a free congregational dinner following. This dinner will feature kosher Chinese food. $25 for nonmembers. RSVP at the synagogue office Remember we begin at 6 PM  him him



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