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Shabbat Tazria-Metzora

Leviticus 12:1-15:33 12:1-15:33

Candle Lighting time 7:17 PM


In the musical The Music Man Prof. Harold Hill sings to Marion, the librarian, “There were bells on a hill/ But I never heard them ringing/ No, I never heard them at all/ 'Til there was you… There was love all around/But I never heard it singing/No, I never heard it at all/'Til there was you.” Because we have always had a love affair with the land of Israel, the land has been singing a song to us as well.


Ya’akov Hazan, one of the early kibbutz pioneers, told of how he trained for aliyah by apprenticing himself to a Polish farmer. From time to time the Pole would bend down and cut his ear to the earth. Young Ya’akov thought this was a strange method of agriculture. But the farmer explained that he was listening to the song of the land. Hazan tried, too, but could hear nothing at all. The Polish farmer commented: “That’s not surprising, Yankel. After all, this is not your land. No wonder you can’t hear it.”


But when Hazan reached the land of Israel, he said he learned to hear its sound.


You don’t even have to be an Israeli citizen to hear the land of Israel sing to you. When I walk the pathways of Israel, I hear it singing the stories from our Bible, the pages from the Talmud, the celebration of our holidays, the history of our people and our future, and promise of redemption being fulfilled.


I’m eternally grateful that I was born in a world that the state of Israel exists and proud to celebrate its 73rd   birthday on Thursday. God willing, in October I shall return to Israel and hike the Galilee and Golan raising money for Camp Ramah special needs campers. If you not one of the 68 people who have already generously supporting my efforts, you still have time to make a donation.


I’m encouraged to raise my target goal to $6000 for such a wonderful cause. All I need are 15 people to donate $100 apiece and I will have easily reached this new goal. Of course, I will gladly and thankfully accept any size donation you can afford.


Donating through this website is fast, easy, and totally secure.  It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.  If you wish, you may also send a check made out to the National Ramah Commission, 3080 Broadway, NYC 10027, with a notation of your support of my fundraising efforts.


Please share my page with any of your friends and family who may be inspired to donate as well.
Shabbat shalom,
Rabbi Greene

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Thursday, April 15 12:00 PM
In honor of Yom HaZikaron and Israel Independence Day I shall screen the movie "Backdoor Channels: The Price of Peace." The true story of the people and the events that produced the greatest diplomatic achievement of the 20th century-the 1979 Camp David peace accords between Israel and Egypt. "Backdoor Channels: The Price of Peace" is a story of secret missions, internal power struggles and diplomatic brinkmanship by cast of characters never before revealed-until now.
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