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Shabbat Noach

Genesis 6:9- 11:32
Friday, October 20 Candle Lighting time 5: 50 p.m.


Author Rita Snowden tells a delightful story about visiting a small village in Dover, England. Sitting outside a café one afternoon enjoying a cup of tea, she became aware of a beautiful scent. Rita asked a waiter where it was coming from, and was told it was the people she could see passing by. Most of the villagers were employed at a nearby perfume factory. As they walked home, they carried the fragrance that permeated their clothes out into the street.


Some rabbis use the same imagery when speaking of Noah. The Torah describes Noah as a man “righteous and wholehearted in his generation.” (Genesis 6:9) “In his generation” seems to modify Noah’s righteousness and wholeheartedness. Consequently, some rabbis interpret this phrase to Noah’s credit. “How so? It may be compared to a jar of balsam placed in a grave and gave off a goodly fragrance. Had it been in the house how much more so!” (Tanhumah)


What a beautiful image of Jewish life! According to the midrash we can become the aroma of a good and righteous lifestyle, spreading this fragrance everywhere we go as we become God's partners in perfecting this world. Rita Snowden caught a scent and was driven to seek its source. As we follow God we too become permeated with this type of fragrance. When we carry it into the streets through our words and deeds how many people we can influence through our example who knows 


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Greene


Shabbat services, Saturday 9:30 AM


Save The Date

Tuesday, October 24, 7:30 PM, sisterhood's first Rosh Hodesh celebration for women of the year. All are invited even if you've never attended a previous Rosh Hodesh celebration. There is a five dollar fee to cover the cost of refreshments and craft materials. RSVP at the synagogue, 718-428-1580 


Shabbat, October 28 we celebratee Ruby Oppy's bat mitzvah



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