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Shabbat Passover

1st Day Exodus 12:21-51  and Numbers 28:16-25
2nd Day Leviticus 22;6-23:44 and Numbers 28:16-25
Friday, April 3  Candle Lighting time 7:03 p.m.
Saturday, April 4 Candle Lighting time after 8:03 p.m.


Spring training is almost over.  All of us baseball fans can hardly wait for Opening Day on April 6th this year. A Major League baseball player announced his retirement, saying, “All of a sudden, that passion isn’t there anymore. Physically, I think I could still do it. But something that I loved my whole life and had such a passion for became a major, major job for me. It’s not like it used to be.”


What can we do when something that once energized us has become a burden? A career can be changed, but the deepest matters of the heart, especially our relationship with God, cry out to recapture the fervor that fueled earlier days.


I think for starters all we have to do is remember that God loves us. Every morning and every evening our daily prayers remind us how much God loves us.  In the evening we declare: “With eternal love You have loved Your people Israel.”  And in the morning we recite: “Deep is your love for us, Adonai our God”   “‘Love,’ the first word of these blessings, anticipates ‘love Adonai,’ which appears in the Shema immediately after the declaration of God’s oneness. Mutual love is posited. God’s love for Israel evokes Israel’s love for God.’” (Rabbi Reuvan Hammer, Or Hadash: A Commentary on Siddur Sim Shalom, page 29)


The Seder with the Haggadah reminds us God’s love for us in a most tangible way We re-experience redemption from slavery, for “Had not the Holy One, blessed is He, taken ur ancestors out from Egypt, then we, our children, and our children’s children would still be enslaved to Pharaoh in Egypt.” (The Haggadah)  


We can rekindle that ancient love affair between us and the Holy One Blessed be He.  Right before the second cup of wine we recite: “Say a new song before Him.”  Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach has a deep insight:


But the deepest truth is that God’s word-anything which is holy, precious, and beautiful-is always new and old together.  I knew everything beautiful yesterday, and today I’m seeing it all for the first time.  I’ve known my children since the moment they were born, but each time I see them it’s like the first time.


I want to share something with you, sweetest friends: you know when you kiss your wife whom you love very much, you close your eyes and you open them.  You’re saying, “I’ve known you for eternity, but I’m seeing you now for the first time.”  (The Carlebach Haggadah, page 83)


Love of God is just like that if we see Him as if it was the very first time, every time.


If our spiritual passion has grown cold, let us remember again the redemption from Egypt, turn away from grudging service, and allow the wonder of His love for us to rekindle our love for Him. 


Hag Pesach Samayach and Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Gary Greene


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Passover Schedule

  • Thursday, April 2nd
  • Bedekat Hametz, the search for leven - After 7:54PM
  • Friday, April 3rd
  • a. Fast of the First Born - 8:00 A.M.
    b. Finish eating hametz before - 10:50 A.M.
    c. Bi’ur Hametz, burning the hametz - Before 11: 54 A.M.
    d. Last time to burn the hametz at the shul and sell your hametz by Rabbi Greene - 11:30 A.M.
    e. Candle lighting time - 7:04 P.M
    f. Enjoy your 1st Seder
  • Saturday, April 4th
  • First Day of Passover
    a. Shacharit - 9:30 A.M.
  • b. Candle lighting time - After 8:04 P.M.
  • c. Enjoy your 2nd Seder.
  • d.  Second Seder at MJCC begins at 7:00 p.m.
  • Sunday, April 5th
  • Second Day of Passover
    a. Shacharit services - 9:30 A.M.
  • Thursday, April 9th
  • a. Candle Lighting time - 7:10 P.M.
    b. Mincha/Ma’ariv 7:00 P.M.
  • Friday, April 10th
  • The 7th Day of Passover
    a. Shacharit services - 9:30 A.M. 
    b. Mincha/Ma’ariv services - 7:00 P.M. 
    c. Candle lighting - 7:11 P.M. 
    d. Light all Yahrzeit candles BEFORE lighting Shabbat candles
  • Shabbat, April 11th
  • 8th Day of Passover
    a. Shacharit Services - 9:30 A.M. 
    b. Yizkor Services approx. - 11:00 A.M. 
    c. Mincha, - 7:00 P.M. . 
    d. Passover is over at 8:12 P.M. 
    e. You may reclaim your hametz sold by Rabbi Greene by 8: 45 P.M.

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