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Shabbat Chukat

Numbers: 19:1-22:1
Friday, June 26th Candle Lighting time 8:12 p.m.


Sometimes the stories in the Torah take us by surprise. In this week’s Torah portion, the rabbis wondered what is the connection between Miriam’s death and the Israelites complaining about the lack of water?  “A legend tells of a marvelous well that sprang up whenever the Israelites camped, as a tribute to Miriam’s piety. As she waited by the waters of the Nile to see the fate of her baby brother, as she celebrated God’s power at the Sea, so was she blessed with water, a substance more valuable than gold in the desert.  When she died, the well vanished.” (Etz Hayyim Commentary below the line, page 884)


Today many of us honor Miriam’s memory at the Passover Seder table by filling a Miriam’s cup with water and telling about her contribution to our redemption out of Egypt.  I wonder whether her contemporaries appreciated her as much as we do and told her so.  Based upon human nature I would tend to doubt it.


We can learn a valuable lesson from this episode in the Torah. We should show our appreciation to others through words and deeds while they are still alive. Yet all too often we wait until someone dies to show the appreciation that we are reluctant to show in life.


Is there someone who comes to your mind, a friend or family member, who would be honored and encouraged by an expression of your love and appreciation? Then do something to show it—while the person is still alive!  


Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Greene


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Friday June 26th at 6pm.  Join your MJCC family for a Kabbalat Shabbat service and dinner, on.   Bring your family.  there is no charge for MJCC members, $36 for non-members.  Donations to help underwrite this dinner will be most appreciated. RSVP by Friday, June 19th.


Shabbat, June 27th Our outdoor renewal Shabbat service.  Dress casually.  Services begin at 10am..



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