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Shabbat Nitzavim-Vayalech

Deuteronomy 29:9-31:30
Candle Lighting time 6:47 p.m.


Who hasn’t been hurt by friend?  When a friend hurt me, I knew I would need to forgive him, but I wasn’t sure that I could. His words pierced deeply inside me, and I felt stunned with pain and anger. Although we talked about it and I told him I forgave him, for a long time whenever I’d see him I felt tinges of hurt, so I knew I still clung to some resentment. One day, however, God answered my prayers and gave me the ability to let go completely. I was finally free.


Forgiveness lies at the heart of the Jewish religion, because our God extending forgiveness even when our ancestors turned away from Him. He didn’t hang on to bitterness or anger, but showed grace and love to those who had forsaken Him. Seven weeks after we observed Tisha B’Av which mourns the destruction of our Holy Temple in Jerusalem and the exile of our people, our reconciliation with God is complete. As this week’s Haftorah says, “As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, s will your God rejoice over you” (Isaiah 61:5)


This Sunday morning at 10 a.m. we recite our Slichot service asking God to forgive our trespasses. Consequently, this is a fitting time to consider any people we might need to forgive those who hurt us. When we ask God to help us forgive, He will come to our aid—even if we take what we think is a long time to forgive. If we can forgive those who hurt us why then we shall be walking in God’s ways. When we do, we are freed from the prison of unforgiveness and be ready to enter the New Year.


Shabbat Shalom,


Rabbi Greene


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