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Shabbat Naso

Numbers 4:21-7:89
Candle Lighting time 7:56 p.m


I love davening in Jerusalem. At every morning service and twice on Shabbat (once for Shacharit and once for Musaf), the kohanim ascend the Bima, place the tallit over their heads and outstretched arms, and bless the congregation with the same priestly blessing found in this week’s Torah portion,  Naso. “The Lord spoke to Moses: speak to Aaron and his sons: thus you shall bless the people of Israel. Say to them: the Lord bless you and protect you! The Lord deal kindly and graciously with you! The Lord bestow His favor upon you and grant you peace! (Numbers 6:22-26) My heart is uplifted when I am so blessed.


In fact the rabbis believed that this blessing is indispensable even when we don’t live or pray in Jerusalem. Near the end of the morning service the prayer leader recites this blessing as part of the repetition of the Amida. We are blessed with this blessing even if we don’t have a minyan with a repetition of the Amida. The concluding blessing of the Amida, Sim Shalom, contains hidden in it the priestly benediction!


This is the same blessing that I and other Jewish parents bless their children every Friday night before Kiddush. It’s just one way I show my sons and daughters-in-law how much I love them. This blessing is not simply a ritual; it’s a genuine prayerful wish for God’s goodness to follow the other person. By offering this blessing it exemplifies its warmest and deepest meaning. In blessing others, we express gratitude for what God has done for us.


Shabbat Shalom,


Rabbi Greene


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Thursday, May 24th - Sisterhood's annual mah-jongg/card party. RSVP $20.00 PP includes lunch.

Monday, May 28th, 10:00 am. Interfaith Community Memorial Service for the members of the Armed Forces, hosted this year at Congregation  L'Dor V'Dor (Little N. Eck Jewish Center ). All gave some and some gave all. 


Sunday, June 3rd - Celebrate Israel Parade


Friday, June 15th will be our next Friday night service with a  free Shabbat dinner. RSVP by June 11th

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