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Adventures In Jewish Education

Marathon JCC has been awarded an educational grant based upon our synagogue team's proposal. Based upon our vision my team and I created for our families, "Jewish education is a never-ending adventure that provides connections through experiences both spiritual and tangible. Jewish identity will be realized through personal and community opportunities" we are able to provide you with 4 different adventures in Jewish education.

Dates have not been set yet for you to mark your calendar, but I wanted to share with you the types of adventures we have planned to whet your appetite.


Time: Sunday at 12 noon, spring

We will bring students and their families closer to nature; become God's partner in beautifying the world, and take pride in their contribution to MJCC. Outside our building we have a lovely front lawn and garden which we hope to beautify. We foresee one two hour session. The afternoon will be split up into four 30 minute sessions to include the following: Studying appropriate texts to frame the afternoon's activity in a Jewish context, planting, weeding, lunch and an ice cream party to celebrate our success. The teachers will be Rabbi Greene with Marlene Gussin and Gloria Dobin who head up the shul beautification committee.


Time: Three two hour sessions on Sundays at 12 noon. We will work during the winter months, December, January, and February.

Students will discuss and suggest Jewish subject matter for the mural. By working together, we will reinforce mutual cooperation as well as explore creative ways to connect with the children's Judaism. Not only will the students have an opportunity to draw on their knowledge but they will be able learn about their chosen theme by researching their ideas in our library and on the internet. The adventure will take place in the library, social hall, offices where computers are available, and in the lobby which is where we will hang the finished product. The lead teacher will be our artist-in-residence, Ellen Schiff, with Judaica help and guidance by Rabbi Greene.


Time: All day trip, 10 AM, Sunday or spring break

By exploring genealogy and Jewish roots, our students and their families will learn how their personal story is part of a larger Jewish narrative, first within the context of MJCC history and then the broader American Jewish experience. In preparation, the children will interview their ancestors about their personal histories. On the return trip home, we will have an individual time line for each family to fill out.


Time: All day trip, Sunday, fall

We will hike Bear Mountain with an expert, both in Teva (Nature) and Judaism. We shall use this outdoor experience to discover Jewish ways in wilderness and wilderness ways in Judaism. This adventure will help bond the families to the larger Marathon family as they share the outdoor experience together. Noah Slovin will be the guide/teacher. Our hike will have a naturalist content along with some games, some solo-walk or solo-sit time, and time available for family activities having to do with responsibility as well as things to bring home.